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Ganga feat. Helle Chirholm – “Where you are”

Posted on | januar 31, 2015 | Kommentarer slået fra

Ganga feat Vanessa Daou – chill out music for the velvet night

Posted on | oktober 24, 2014 | Kommentarer slået fra

Chill Out Music from the source – “Summerheat” by Ganga & Annemarie Zimakoff

Posted on | august 22, 2014 | Kommentarer slået fra

“Summerheat” – Ganga & Annemarie Zimakoff serves up their chilled brew.

Posted on | august 5, 2014 | Kommentarer slået fra

Ganga has reached out to old time collaborator Annemarie Zimakoff and releases a crisp downtempo slow burner on august 15. Read more

Clouds Revisited – Remixed by DJ 19, Polar Rundfunk and Horizontal Mode

Posted on | april 14, 2014 | Kommentarer slået fra

Here we go – another chill out release to hit a garden near you soon.
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“Clouds Revisited” new chill out music from Ganga

Posted on | april 8, 2014 | Kommentarer slået fra

New Ganga Album out today – Wondrous Machine

Posted on | februar 4, 2014 | Kommentarer slået fra

Ganga - Wondrous Machine

Listen to “Wondrous Machine” – New Chill Out Music by Ganga

Posted on | januar 10, 2014 | Kommentarer slået fra

Chill Out Music for the masses – Gangas new longplayer “Wondrous Machine” will soon see the light of day on the german label Wormland White.
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Ganga feat. Nikolaj Grandjean “Carry you Home” – Album taster

Posted on | december 18, 2013 | Kommentarer slået fra

Heres a taster from the Ganga album “Wondrous Machine” – out on Wormland White in late january 2014. Read more

“Time Spy” by Ganga

Posted on | november 24, 2013 | Kommentarer slået fra

Here is a new video from the secret chambers of danish chill out music producer Ganga.

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