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Chill Out Music from the source – “Summerheat” by Ganga & Annemarie Zimakoff

Posted on | august 22, 2014 | Kommentarer slået fra

“Summerheat” – Ganga & Annemarie Zimakoff serves up their chilled brew.

Posted on | august 5, 2014 | Kommentarer slået fra

Ganga has reached out to old time collaborator Annemarie Zimakoff and releases a crisp downtempo slow burner on august 15. Read more

Clouds Revisited – Remixed by DJ 19, Polar Rundfunk and Horizontal Mode

Posted on | april 14, 2014 | Kommentarer slået fra

Here we go – another chill out release to hit a garden near you soon.
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“Clouds Revisited” new chill out music from Ganga

Posted on | april 8, 2014 | Kommentarer slået fra

New Ganga Album out today – Wondrous Machine

Posted on | februar 4, 2014 | Kommentarer slået fra

Ganga - Wondrous Machine

Listen to “Wondrous Machine” – New Chill Out Music by Ganga

Posted on | januar 10, 2014 | Kommentarer slået fra

Chill Out Music for the masses – Gangas new longplayer “Wondrous Machine” will soon see the light of day on the german label Wormland White.
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Ganga feat. Nikolaj Grandjean “Carry you Home” – Album taster

Posted on | december 18, 2013 | Kommentarer slået fra

Heres a taster from the Ganga album “Wondrous Machine” – out on Wormland White in late january 2014. Read more

“Time Spy” by Ganga

Posted on | november 24, 2013 | Kommentarer slået fra

Here is a new video from the secret chambers of danish chill out music producer Ganga.

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“Sky Come Down” – New Album by Ganga (Kid Recordings NYC)

Posted on | oktober 15, 2013 | Kommentarer slået fra

Danish chill out music artist Ganga has a new album out on the New Yorker Boutique Label  label Kid Recordings. Listen to the preview here:


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Chill Out Music By Ganga – Tasty collection out now on Amazon

Posted on | september 1, 2013 | Kommentarer slået fra

  Check out this collection of Ganga Classics. Available now on Itunes, Amazon and all the other portals and streaming   services  too. The most popular Classic Chill Out Tunes by Ganga is now available in one super crisp package. Get it here.

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