Maybe you heard Gangas music on Cafe Del Mar, Buddha Bar or one of the 7 artist albums ?

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Gangas music is featured on Cafe Del Mar, Buddha Bar and over 200 chillout compilations.

DJs and Producers say:


DJ Ravin (Buddhaa Bar):

"Very nice atmosphere with acoustic blend. Loving it."


Laurent Garnier: "Exellent"


Mark Bell (Depeche Mode, Björk, LFO):

"Beautifully Crafted"


Top Chill DJ Afterlife (Steve Miller):

"Now that most of the chillout copyists have run off to try their luck at electro it's great to hear one of the real deal moving forward with new inspiration and passion..

…”The album is wicked”.


DJ Pippi: "Great concept!! Love Ganga"


Pete Gooding:

"Strange Paradise" is awesome, deep... pure quality."






More info about Gangas mellow music here: